A Russian job

Good afternoon! My name is Roman and I would like to share my story about how I was circumcised. The main reasons for circumcision were - appearance, hygiene, balanitis. My doctor to whom I addressed the problem of balanitis, suggest to me the different local medications - creams and baths. It helped, but not for long and had to repeat the treatment again.

So I was delighted to see another doctor. She was a woman. This doctor looked at the medical history and she asked me what I know about circumcision and what I think about it? I said that I know that this is a religious procedure. The doctor told me that it is not only a religion. She told me that in the developed countries, the majority of men undergo this procedure while still a child, and her children are circumcised too. The doctor told me about the advantages of a circumcised penis in terms of health and sex, and that it will cure me. She told me about the methods of circumcision. I agreed.

The next day I passed all the necessary tests and went to the procedure. For the circumcision AlisKlamp was chosen. The whole procedure was quick, I get a shot of anesthesia and then application of the clamp and cut off the foreskin. The whole procedure took less than 15 minutes. Then the doctor said everything is done, you can get dressed. I asked - is that all? So fast? She said - yes, in a week you will enjoy your new penis.

A week later, I went to her office and she removed the clamp and said that in a few days everything should heal completely!. But she warned that now the glans is very sensitive and it can create discomfort at first. After healing, I was completely happy with my new penis, I have increased sensations during sexual intercourse, sex became more enjoyable and I completely forgot about infections!