I passed as circumcised from age 5 - but then I finally got it done.

I was born in the Midwest in 1940 and left the hospital intact. I don't ever remember not being retracted by my mother at bath time and many times daily for her required cleaning. Many years later I found my mothers journal where she wrote that her obgyn refused to circumcise baby boys he delivered and was adamantly opposed to circumcision. She also wrote that he retracted me the day before we left the hospital and showed her how to do it and instructed her to do it every diaper change and bath and to apply Vaseline before bringing it forward so it wouldn't grow stuck again.

I was raised in the country and first born so never saw another boys penis or my dad. My mother was OCD and she retracted me and washed many times daily. Being outside most of the day with many opportunities for privacy I retracted myself every time I urinated and by age 5 I began leaving my foreskin retracted thinking if it had to be retracted for cleaning I would just leave it retracted so it wouldn't get dirty.

When I started school I was surprised that every boy in my parochial school was bare headed and I rushed to ask my mother why. Her response was that all had an operation as babies to remove the skin called circumcision. She explained that all the other mothers used the same Doctor for delivery and that he circumcised every boy he delivered without any discussion. I didn't see another uncircumcised penis until my brother was born when I was 7 and I saw his sore red penis when his diaper was changed and also the multiple daily retractions and Vaseline application that I remembered from an early age.

Once I started school and saw the circumcised penises I secretly wished I was circumcised and left my foreskin retracted all the time. By the time I was 13 my foreskin would only cover 2/3 of my glans when flaccid and 1/2 coverage when erect if I held it forward.

Every woman I was ever with apparently thought I was circumcised and not one of them ever tried to bring my foreskin forward during foreplay and my foreskin never came forward during intercourse. While married to second wife I suffered from recurring yeast infections and after several prescriptions from her obgyn she insisted I come in for office visit before prescribing more medicine. When she examined me she remarked that my loose circumcision was the cause of my getting yeast infections and when I told her that I had never been circumcised she was shocked and stated she was absolutely opposed to uncircumcised men and had never been fooled. She said I should get cut ASAP and she would do it and that she would do wonderful job.

This was pre internet so I had no idea about the variety of style choices except to know from locker room and military experience that some looked different then others. She circumcised me low and tight with no frenulum and it turned out great. When healed she remarked how she loved the appearance and how happy she was with the result!! From my experience I would recommend infant circumcision to any new parent to be and from observing my brother after his infant retraction and the appearance of his glans I doubt circumcision would be much more painful and I certainly don't remember my forcible retraction at all.

RWD, Upper Midwest, USA