A shy Indian girl's American story

I haven't been a virgin since 18. I had a boyfriend back in India during my Bachelor of Engineering degree but I wasn't a big fan of sex per se back then. Then I came to New York to pursue my Masters in Computer Science (MSCS).

During one frat party I met a guy and after steady courting for 4-5 dates we finally decided to do it, in his closed garage in back of his car. during 4th of july break when we were visiting his family in New Jersey (Spring Lake , NJ) I am not going to name him. let's call him A.

That night I found that A was circumcised, like many US born kids I tried to massage him with foreskin like I used to do with my ex-boyfriend, but he was too smooth with no loose skin and a big fat mushroom head already hard and pulsing. Sex also felt so much more pleasurable. No longer was I was dealing with guys who were pushing slowly within their own skin - he was rubbing me directly with his bare glans, and it was very stimulating . Needless to say, I have become a fan of cut men since that day. We did it 3 times during that weekend, before we returned back to New York and we dated for 6 more months. Then he had to leave because his mother was too ill and he was taking a break, and he did not return for the entire semester.

I had relationships with two other guys, one white and one black, and with both had the same experience. (OK a bit better with the black guy. won't lie). Then I completed my MS and got placed in a big company, and got married to another white guy, and now we're expecting our first baby in July this year. Needless to say, I will be circumcising him at birth without a blink, (if not at birth then maybe within first year of life if the baby is premature).

Shy asian/indian girl