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The uncircumcised penis
Two young men at a French nudist resort. The one on the left has a foreskin which covers his glans and bunches up in front of it. This is more common in a young boy but still perfectly normal for an adult. The one on the right has a foreskin which just covers the glans and no more - a more common style in an adult. Courtesy of HE (formerly Health and Efficiency) the world's longest running nudist magazine, first published 1900. Two young men
An adult penis with the foreskin only half covering the glans. This is probably the most common type of uncircumcised penis. Photo by Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, 1856-1931 short foreskin
An uncircumcised man with the foreskin retracted. Many uncircumcised men keep their foreskins retracted, either because it naturally stays that way, or they find it more comfortable, or they think it looks better. Photo by Baron Wilhelm von Gloeden, 1856-1931 short foreskin

The circumcised penis
This is a 'moderate' circumcision. Note that in front of the scar line (arrowed) a small amount of remaining inner foreskin is bunching up behind the glans. moderate circumcision
tight circumcision A tighter circumcision - there is quite a bit of inner skin left in front of the circumcision scar (arrow) but is only enough to cover the shaft, there is no loose skin.
A low and tight adult circumcision - very little inner skin is left. low and tight
high and very tightA high and tight Australian circumcision
A high and tight circumcision with the frenulum totally preserved. frenulum preserved

Readers' Pictures

Many readers have sent in pictures of their members, with or without foreskins, and here is a gallery of them. More are welcome but please note that they must be of publishable quality and that we will not post pictures of erections. More detailed stories, before and after pictures, and your own experiences of being circumcised or uncircumcised, are also welcome - they will go in our Preferences and Experiences section which will re-open soon.

JA wrote: "I was wondering what type of device would have been used when I was circumcised. I was circumcised as an infant and it appears that I was cut high and tight. Would have been done in the late 80's."

Well, it's a very nice high and tight cut, and I'm sure you are proud of it. Looks like a Gomco job to me. (Ed)
JA circ
Asian circ Sara, in the UK sent us this picture of an Asian man's equipment. Her partner? She didn't say, but she did say "Must have been done pre-puberty, I reckon." Well, since he shaves his pubic hair he's probably Muslim, so he'd have been done at any time from infancy to age 7 or so. And I'll bet he's quite a grower. (Ed)
From RR in the UK, circumcised soon after birth. A typical English moderate circumcision. He also sent an erect image which was (ahem) quite impressive but we cannot publish that. RR English circ
CL teenage circA teenage circumcision
CL writes: "I'm from the UK and this photo shows a close up of my scar. It was a freehand job done when I was 17 - 21 years ago. It's a tight cut that's pretty low with the outer foreskin stitched into the V where the frenulum was (you can see that small piece of outer skin stitched in from the photo. It means that I don't get any bunching even when flaccid so it's a very comfortable and people can always tell that I'm circumcised which seems to be pretty rare in the UK these days... "
Adult circumcision.
Des writes "This is me today at 56, I was circumcised at 23 in a Jewish hospital in Montreal, probably a low and tight circumcision. My shaft has a lot of hair and I need to shave it every few weeks. I wish I had a very high one.

Jewish circumcisions are generally low, but yours looks like a very nice job. (Ed)
adult circ
Before and after
Dutch reader GJ sent in these pictures of his circumcision, showing it before, immediately after, and fully healed. It is a very high cut and was done by a specialist in Recklinghausen, Germany.
Before circ
Post-OpFully healed
Workings of a foreskin
"I'm uncircumcised and I have a nice tight tip but I can pull it back". From reader KM
Foreskin forwardForeskin retracted

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