Circumcision has been a controversial topic for at least 4000 years. The ancient Greeks disagreed with their Egyptian and Persian neighbours over it - and modern schoolboys still take sides, calling each other Cavaliers and Roundheads. This site does not take a position either for or against the operation, but aims to provide a comprehensive overview of circumcision in all its aspects.

Professsor Brian Morrris' very comprehensive site. It takes an unashamedly pro-circumcision stance because the medical evidence overwhelmingly supports such a view. The site had a wide range of freely downloadable brochures in many languages. It also have a very thorough review of the medical literature. Equally relevant to the general public and medical professionals.


An international circumcision discussion group - probably the world's largest. It is members-only, and membership has to be approved but this is usually very quick. Just be sure to give a few words about your interest in circumcision.

Circfacts Real Facts About Male Circumcision.

The aim of this website is to provide information on male circumcision based on scientific and medical evidence, and to provide counter arguments to some of the claims and accusations made by those opposing the procedure, and to expose the tactics that are often used to scare and intimidate those who think differently.

Circumcision Academy of America

A new (2016) site for the Circumcision Academy of America. Lots of information about the benefits of circumcision, and debunking of myths and fallacies, all from a US point of view. "The aim of this site is to provide the American mainstream view regarding male circumcision, where circumcision of newborn boys has long been a part of traditional American culture."

Circumcision Academy of Australia

The Circumcision Academy of Australia (briefly called the Circumcision Foundation of Australia) was founded at a meeting of several leaders in public health policy and medical science, together with other interested parties, at St Vincents Hospital, Sydney, on 21 Jan 2010. It has a very impressive membership list of leading figures in clinical medicine and medical science. As well as the main site given above, it maintains a site for new parents at

Helmet or Hoodie

An Australian site for those interested in circumcision. It includes a survey of 500 Aussie men (58% circumcised) which is also featured in our Surveys page. It includes lists of circumcised (helmet) or uncircumcised (hoodie) celebrities in various categories.

Team Helmet

A site specifically for circumcised British males. It includes a substantial survey of readers which is well worth reading, though the respondents have a strong gay element so may not be totally representative of the wider public. Like the Australian 'Helmet or Hoodie' page (above) they have lists of circumcised celebrities in various fields, though they seem somehow to have missed that Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is circumcised.

A specialist website concentrating on male circumcision in the context of HIV/AIDS. The site describes itself thus:
The Clearinghouse on Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention ( is a collaborative effort to generate and share information resources with the international public health community, civil society groups, health policy makers, and programme managers.... The Clearinghouse is supported by a grant to the World Health Organization from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Recommended reading for academics concerned about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

An online museum of circumcision artefacts, especially ancient Jewish ritual objects.

This site specialises in trying to avert HIV/AIDS, presented in a style aimed at the lay reader. Use the site’s internal search facility to find current pages about circumcision as a means of preventing the transmission of HIV.

A web portal publicising and linking to a Pro-Circumcision UK Yahoo Group. Membership is required.

Eurocirc, a bilingual site available in English or German

A member site, registration is free but quite a lot is available without logging in. The German page tends to be a bit more up to date.

A French pro-circumcision website / discussion group. Membership is required.

A pro-circumcision website in Hungarian. A reasonable translation can be achieved using the Google Translate facility.

Website in Polish.

An American Academy of Family Physicians article on adult circumcision.

The new web site of the American Academy of Pediatricians.  Complete routine infant circumcision information available.
Circumcision for Reform and mixed-marriage Jewish families
A very comprehensive multilingual site covering Jewish circumcision for all ages and in all countries
International Bris Association - rituals and requirements for circumcision in Orthodox Judaism

Links dealing with Jewish religious circumcision.

Academic / Medical Sites

Applicable to all medical matters, not just circumcision, PUBMED provides a rapid way of searching for medical publications. Not compatible with older browsers.

A specialised search engine for PubMed and similar archives. When tested by CIRCLIST on 11.February.2013 it returned 6240 hits for the word "Circumcision"; use the Advanced Search facility to narrow the scope of your enquiry.

Circumcision  Clamp  Designers, Manufacturers and Distributors

Ali's Klamp:
Gomco Clamp:
Ismail Clamp:
Mogen Clamp:
Tara Klamp:
Winkelmann Clamp:

Some of the above sites include explicit videos of circumcision surgery, not suitable for viewing by minors.

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